The ÖVSV (Österreichischer Versuchssenderverband = Austrian Amateur Radio Society)

ÖVSV is a non-proft organisation to support and maintain amateur radio. Its activities cover the whole territory of the Republic of Austria. ÖVSV is the Austrian member society of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), Region 1.

Founded in 1926, ÖVSV, like many institutions in Austria, is organised according to the principles of federalism with a Dachverband (DV) as an umbrella organisation, and ten "Landesverbände (LV)" (= provincial organisations plus the AMRS, Austrian Military Radio Society) as its members. It represents the majority of the more than 6.000 holders of an Austrian amateur radio licence.

The Umbrella Organisation ("Dachverband")

The task of the National Umbrella Organisation is to represent ÖVSV internationally, in the IARU, and to maintain contact with amateur organisations of neighbouring countries and the competent ministries and federal authorities of the Republic of Austria.

The National Umbrella Organisation of ÖVSV is governed by the Presidency, which includes the President, two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, and the Executive Committee, which consists of the heads of the provincial associations and of the head of the Austrian Military Radio Society (AMRS).

This is supplemented by a number of subject matter experts (or expert committees) to provide assistance regarding their respective fields of expertise, called the "Fachbeirat", and by two auditors. All members of the presidency and the Fachbeirat as well as the auditors are volunteers.

The Provincial Associations  ("Landesverbände") and the AMRS

The nine provincial associations and the Austrian Military Radio Society (AMRS) are organised locally and in their respective districts, see Austrian District Locators (ADL). Each association has its own head and a presidency similar to the setup of the umbrella organisation. The main task of the provincial associations is to care for their members and to represent the ÖVSV vis-à-vis the provincial authorities, and, in the case of AMRS, vis-à-vis the Austrian MoD.

OeVSV Guest membership for non-Austrians

You can apply for guest membership!

The annual fee for foreign guest members of the OeVSV is € 55,00.


Please pay the membership fee to the following bank account:

OeVSV - Guest Membership

Industriezentrum NÖ-Süd
Straße 14, Objekt 31
A-2351 Wr. Neudorf

Raiffeisenbank Laa
IBAN: AT46 3241 3000 0011 9313

CEPT and Guest Licences in OE

Ausländische CEPT Lizenz in OE / Foreign CEPT Licence in OE

Als Inhaber einer einer ausländischen CEPT Lizenz dürfen Sie kurzzeitig Amateurfunkverkehr in Österreich betreiben. Es gelten die österreichischen Bestimmungen (s.u.).

As a foreign CEPT licence holder you are allowed to participate in amateur radio communications from Austria during a short-time stay. All Austrian regulations apply:

  • Frequenzen/Frequencies: 135,7–137,8 kHz; 1,81–1,95; 3,5–3,8; 7–7,2; 10,1–10,15; 14–14,35; 18,068–18,168; 21–21,45; 24,89–24,99; 28–29,7; 50–52; 144–146; 430–440 MHz (439,1–440 MHz: nur Empfangsbetrieb / receive only); 1,24–1,3; 2,304–2,31,2,32–2,322, 2,4–2,45; 5,65–5,85; 10,368–10,370, 10,4–10,5; 24–24,25; 47–47,2; 76–81; 122,25–123; 134–141; 241–250 GHz;
  • CEPT-Novice: 1,81–1,95; 3,5–3,8; 21–21,45; 28–29,7; 144–146; 430–440 MHz (439,1–440 MHz: nur Empfangsbetrieb / receive only)
  • Leistung / RF Power: 400 W (135 kHz: 1 W ERP; 1,81–1,83, 1,85–1,95, 50 MHz: 100 W; 1,83–1,85, 7,1–7,2, 10, 430 MHz, 1,24 GHz: 200 W; 10,368–10,37 GHz: 10 W EIRP);
  • CEPT-Novice: 100 W
  • Betriebsarten / modes: alle/all (135 kHz, 1,81–1,84 MHz: nur CW/Digital only; 1,84–1,95 MHz: CW/SSB/Digital; ATV: > 430 MHz)
  • Dem Heimatrufzeichen vorangestellter Landeskenner / Prefix to use with your home call sign: OE/
  • Rufzeichenzusätze / suffixes: /M mobile, /P portable

Gastlizenzen für OE / Guest Licences for OE

Neben der einfacheren Möglichkeit, mit einer CEPT Lizenz in Österreich zu funken, haben Sie als ausländischer Gast auch die Möglichkeit, eine Gastlizenz anzufordern - etwa, wenn Ihre Lizenz keine CEPT Genehmigung beinhaltet. Die Gastlizenz berechtigt Sie, für einen bestimmten Zeitraum mit einem OE-Rufzeichen in Österreich aktiv zu sein. 

Apart from the easier possibility to use a CEPT Licence in Austria, you can also apply  for a guest licence, should your licence not include a remark regarding CEPT recommendations. A guest licence enables you to be active for a certain period of time using an Austrian callsign. For further information don't hesitate to send an email to .


Form: Application for Guest Licence in Austria

Applying for a permanent OE License

If you are moving to Austria for a longer period of time, you can apply for a regular licence. 

If your proof of amateur radio exam (amateur radio certificate) contains a remark concerning "HAREC", you can submit this directly to the Austrian authorities with your request to get a licence - it will have the same proof of evidence as an Austrian certificate. Submit it together with the form "Antrag auf Erteilung einer Amateurfunkbewilligung" to the "Fernmeldebüro" that is responsible for the region you are living now in Austria.

If your certificate does NOT contain a refernce to HAREC, you need a certifed translation of your certificate, in order to ask the Austrian authorities to accept it as equivalent to an Austrian certificate.

Contact Form

Please contact ÖVSV by using the form below for any questions regarding guest licences or CEPT licences in Austria, or any other questions you might have about ham radio in Austria.

Visitors are always welcome to the many club evenings held throught the country - contact us if you want to find out when and where there is a ham gathering during your stay in Austria!

Alle Eingabefelder, die mit einem Stern (*) versehen sind, sind Pflichtfelder.

Awards and Diplomas issued by ÖVSV

This is a list of awards and diplomas issued by ÖVSV (or, in the last case, FIRAC Austria). In addition, the provonical associations ("Landesverbände") also issue awards - see their respective websites fir further information!

  • Worked 50 OE Locator Squares on VHF/UHF
  • Worked 1000 Stations (on VHF) (any country)
  • Worked 100 OE Stations on HF
  • Worked 100 OE Stations on VHF/UHF
  • Worked All Austria on 160m
  • Worked All Austria on HF
  • Worked All Austria on VHF/UHF/SHF
  • HAOE - Heard All Austria (An Award for SWLs)
  • Worked All OE-Headquarters Stations (at least 6 from OE1XHQ – OE9XHQ and OE1A)
  • Worked Austrian District Locators
  • WDRC Worked Donau River Countries Award (worked at least 9 of the 10 countries along the Danube river)
  • Worked All Austrian States 
  • Worked Austrian Capitals
  • Worked CQ-Zone 15
  • Worked All Carinthian Districts
  • Alpine Country Award
  • Worked Austrian FIRAC Members

Specific details and pictures of the awards can be found on the "Diplomas" page (in German).

How to Apply for Awards

You can apply either by paper mail or by e-mail. Here you can download a GCR form (according to IARU's general Certification Rules) that can be used for your application

Please direct your application to the Awards Manager of the ÖVSV:

Richard Kritzer, OE8RZS
A- 9800 Spittal/Drau
Aich 4
E-Mail: Diplom

Diploma Fee

The fee for each award can either be paid in cash (enclose Euro bills with your paper application), or by money transfer to the following bank account:

IBAN: AT971400098416006261

Applications for the FIRAC award should be sent to:

Richard Kritzer, OE8RZS
A- 9800 Spittal/Drau
Aich 4
E-Mail: Diplom


An the diploma fee of 15€ oder 15 US$  for the FIRAC award is to be paid by money transfer to the following bank account:

Bank: Sparkasse Pregarten
Recipient: "Firac OE Diplom"
IBAN: AT712033100401448097